G.F. Johnston & Associates

Civil Engineers and Land Use Consultants

Mount Desert Island, Maine


Land Evaluation

We work through contingencies and what ifs for private land aquisitions. Our access to existing conditions relating to wetlands, soils topography and zoning allows us to anwer - YES you can accomplish your goals or vision on this site. For what costs? we have dozens of bid projects to use on a unit cost basisis to accurately give you anticipated costs for your project. What permits are required ? Will we be able to obtain them?  We excel at navigating the tangled web of regulatory permitting on municipal , state and federal proejcts. NRPA, Army Corp , Planning Board Presentations.

We work with attorneys and real estate agents to ensure real estate investment goals can and are achieved.

Site Development

We work with clients in conceptual and feasibility analysis for sites prior to closing. We delve through logistics and costs anaylsis for residential mixed use commercial and recreational development projects.

Municipal Services

We work with towns and other governmental agencies to design roads, bridges, underground utilities, stormwater management, and public spaces. We handle design, permitting, environmental assessments, and construction planning. We work with Municipalities and have secured over 2.0 M dollars in in the last 3 years with combined grant and municipal funding for highway improvements. Recently we have surveyed, designed, bid and construction managed the rehabilitation of Route #198 in the Town Of Mt. Desert and Route #102 in Tremont. Management of the public input phase, bid and project delivery back to the residents.


Access and Street Construction

Our engineers have extensive experience in the design and construction management of streets, highways, and bridges for private and public use. All aspects of design are considered before construction starts to ensure smooth project completion.

Mount Desert Islands topography warrants context sensitive solutions. Navigating steep slopes for four season access with beatiful finishes.  We know what it means to work on private sites where only the work areas get disturbed, concentrated flow in , clean flow out of the work. Private property development was the foundation of our establishment.

Residential Site Grading

We provide grading plans in challenging situations where inches matter. This is particularly challenging in broad open hardscape areas such as terraces. This is also true in downtown revitalizations where thresholds and existing conditions provide physical height constraints. 

Utility Plans

Our engineers make utility plans for residential and municipal projects t from initial planning through permitting and construction. When it comes to utility results we like to say if you can not see it when the project is completed we get asked back for another job.

When investments of land and residential projects are on the fringes of common conveniences and services, we work with local and state agencies to extend them to neighborhoods.

Coastal and Marine Engineering

Shore Stabilization projects, several on outlyer islands and over 800 feet in length. The dynamic enviroment of each site is carefully analysed to produce the appropriate outcome. 

Wharf Construction - We have designed and bid several municipal pier improvements including Town of Bar Harbors floatilla system through MDOT grant, Town of Tremont Commercial Wharf and Southwest Harbors Boat Launch. We are humbled by the differences encountered by the variety of constraints the coastline demands.

Residential Piers- dozens permitted , designed , bid and constructed. If you are in the area and would like to tour a few, give us a call. We believe in supplying ground information in conceptually planning that allows our clients to make informed decisions.

Structural Design

We collaborate with architects , designers and builders to create a framing plan that fits the scope , plans that can be used for material take offs and shipped straight to the lumber yard. If you simply need a beam sized, discuss an unique problem, we are a  resource for what if dicussions, and how do you think we can do "this".

We excell at complex geometry for reinforced concrete design, 3 dimensional arches, sqewed cross sections and high load earthen retaining walls. Highwater conditions for concrete walls, basements and retaining walls.