G.F. Johnston & Associates

Civil Engineers and Land Use Consultants

Mount Desert Island, Maine


Seawall rehabilitation

In many instances we find the craftsman ship of cut stone revetment walls on the shore are reaching their lifespan limits.

We have worked on several projects to identify cause (slope pressure, groundwater, drainage , tidal or base collapse) and developed recommendations for phased or full stabilizations. The evualtion  period is ofter used for financial planning and owner awareness of options.

Shore stabilization

Erosion is endless on the shore, however real estate is not. If you have shore erosion and want to arrest we can help.


Stormwater management

We are licensed professionals in the planning and design of stormwater management systems that comply with Municipal requirments and Maine.Shoreland Zoning. We follow the changing rules and available technologies for cleaning runoff and promoting infiltration through new and green footprint technologies. 

Residential and Commercial Piers

Pier investigations and design. The approach to a landing, beach substrate , element exposure, riparian rights are only a few of the conditions necessary to analyze a water access structure. We have designed and permitted dozens of piers in Coastal Communities, from working waterfront commercial sites, to seasonal only structures, we can help figure out what works for each particular needs.

Custom Stone Bridge

With a reinforced concrete deck and abuttment, this biridge arched in three dimensions.